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Be On Top of Your Internet Marketing Message

AccuNet Delivers Key Digital Marketing Services

Marketing online is now important to every organization.  
AccuNet specializes in helping clients whose dreams are big and budgets not so much.

Our services are designed to improve your organizations online visibility and generate website traffic.  AccuNet creates an online strategy to accomplish your marketing goals and partners with you to reach them faster.

Website Design


Your website is the focal point
of your entire online presence.
It is your first priority because all other internet marketing efforts point here.

... AccuNet designs websites that are not only graphically appealing, but easy for your visitor to navigate.



Search Engine Optimization, both on and off the website, continues to define itself; almost on a daily basis. Many old tricks will actually hurt your website's standing now.
... AccuNet follows industry best practices.  We use SEO on your key website pages in a thoughtful, pragmatic fashion.  

Local SEO


Take advantage of the surge in popularity of "keeping it local."  
Your clients either love or feel pressured to buy local whenever possible.
So make it easy for them to find you on the Internet - 'cause that is where they go to find you.

... AccuNet finds your local search business profiles, claims and fully fills them out for you.  We also monitor the important review sites, provide timely reports, and help you address online comments.

Social Media


Clients come to AccuNet confused on the best use of social media properties for their organization.
Many have learned there are real opportunity costs
when it is misused.
... AccuNet helps you understand how the public uses each service, sets up the service to fulfill your prospect's needs and enhances your overall brand identity.

Email Marketing


Why use a newsletter service when you plan to flood your viewers with social media posts?
Well, everyone else is flooding too. There is a good chance that your target audience will miss many of your posts.  
Even if they have email notifications turned on a social media post delivery presentation is out of your control. Take control of your outreach with email marketing.  

... AccuNet sets up your newsletter service and embeds a sign up on your website so that your database self propagates.  We then set up groups so that you can customize your emails to different target audiences.  We can even create and schedule your email mailings.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create mass emails that reach your interested viewers.

Paid Advertising & Management


You want your target audience to act today - to donate, to purchase, to call, to fill out a form.  
Online advertising can bring these ready-to-act customers to your website and create immediate action.

... AccuNet uses Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Yelp to generate legitimate sales leads for your organization.

Your Customers are On the Internet, Looking for You.

What Will They Find?

Partner with AccuNet Web Services to make a great online impression.    Get Started
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