Product Pricing


You could pay a lot more, but why?

SiteBuilder websites have a base setup fee of $475.
Setup includes a unique custom graphic design and person to person training.
The ongoing hosting/service fee is $35 monthly or $385 annually.
Every SiteBuilder website includes the standard features listed below:
Standard Features:
  • Unlimited web pages
  • E-mail for your domain
  • Mobile friendly design 
  • Date-driven publishing
  • Photo albums
  • Dynamic slideshow
  • Fly-out menus
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Image & document libraries
  • Private member pages
  • Multiple administrators
  • On-line help guides
  • Friendly customer support
  • Free upgrades
Add-On Features:
  • PayPal Integration
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Blog Integration
  • Online directory manager
  • Custom Slideshows
  • Graphic cover page
  • Unique home page
  • Event management 
  • Enhanced mobile friendly design
Add-on features have additional setup fees. Some Add-on features have additional monthly fees.

Call us for details or to get started today: 248-684-8715
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