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Internet Marketing

Stay Alert with Creative Commons – CC0 images

For anyone needing an image to help tell their story online, Creative Commons Zero (CC0) is an option to explore.  There are a number of types of CC licenses and you need to be aware which one you are downloading.  For many small businesses using CC0 images to spruce up their site is a great…

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Do You Know Anything About Who Views Your Website?

About 75% of AccuNet’s website viewers use desktops.  But we have a client that has 85% of their viewers using Mobile. only 12% use their desktop.  Knowing how your prospects get to your website is important.  Your Clarity Cloud service allows for customization to mobile if you need it.  And what about New versus Returning…

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Have you updated your logo? Tell us!

Many of our clients came to us over a decade ago.  A lot can happen in 10 years, like a new logo.  Don’t forget to contact AccuNet when you change your logo. It is important to keep your Internet presence consistent and to match your paper marketing. For many we can change out the logo…

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Missing Email? Check Your Webmail Filters!

If your email is hacked, no matter your service, it is a good idea to check your webmail filters after you’ve cleared your account.  Sometimes these “bad ones” add filters to hide bounced messages from your inbox in an effort to hide their presence on your account.  Changing your password and clearing any malware is…

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Local Internet Marketing Continues to Gain Importance

When it comes to Local SEO, at the very least you need to pay attention to your Google MyBusiness profile.  Whether you like it or not, Google is the leader in search engine use and Google is really paying attention to who has their business profile filled out and current.  It is a great opportunity…

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To QR Code or Not: That IS the Question

Qr Code For Accunet

QR codes make it possible for a smart phone user to easily access a website page.  They can make sense if you are trying to make it easy for someone to access something on your website when they are using their phone.  Possible reasons to have one include:

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Break Down Your Strategy into Manageable Pieces

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How do you get “on top” of your Internet Marketing Message? It used to be that once you had a website you were done with your Internet marketing. Then SEO became important to rise above the competition on search engine search result pages. Today, you need to also seriously consider social media services and paid online advertising to promote your organization.

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