Each Client Receives a Customized Solution

"I have found AccuNet to be extremely user friendly. Service and support, though needed infrequently, is easily accessible.

Amy Planck Imlay City

Amy Planck

The service is also very affordable and I would highly recommend AccuNet."

One Price Does NOT Fit All

We believe that you should only pay for what you need.  Over the past 20 years we have learned (over and over again) that every client is unique.  One size fits all pricing doesn't fit, so we don't do it.

Clarity Cloud Website Service

Set up starts at $800 and includes 4 hours of project management support.  Our current average client set up is running $900.

Monthly service fee is $35.  It can go as high as $85/month.  Most pay $40.

Online Marketing Set Up & Monitoring

Internet marketing goes beyond your website.  We help you define your Internet marketing mix, implement the most important pieces and will help you monitor the results. 

We charge $120/hour.  Expect a minimum of 5 hours. 

It can easily double or quintuple, based on your needs.

Fill Out a Survey, Get a Proposal - It's that simple