Thank You

We know we just asked you a lot of questions
and appreciate you took the time
to wade through the survey.

Now What?

Give Us a Day or Two

You should receive a copy of your survey sent to us moments ago.  IF you do not receive a copy, AccuNet probably will not receive it either.  If that happens, please call us at 248-684-8715 and we will discuss your project over the phone at a time convenient to you.  While very rare, there have been a few missed requests over the past 20 years due to an email hangup.

Once the survey is received, a project manager will review your answers and then either call/email you with questions or send you a quote within 2-3 business days.  Sometimes we can quote a firm price and sometimes your needs may have multiple potential solutions.  When that happens, we give you a range and call you to talk about options.

Once you confirm our quote, you pick a design, give us your logo, preferred color pallet, and any images you know you want to use.  Depending on the size of your website we can turn it around in 10-14 business days or more.  All details will be agreed upon before we start your project.

Our goal is your satisfaction.

Thank you again
- The AccuNet team