Why Choose SiteBuilder by AccuNet?


With SiteBuilder you have features, not limitations


SiteBuilder by AccuNet is unique hybrid product, offering the best aspects of a custom designed website with the cost-savings and simplicity of a do-it-yourself service. This is a completely in-house developed software service, not a front for another franchised product.

SiteBuilder was developed with non-technical users in mind. One personal orientation and you’re on your way to building and maintaining your professionally designed website.

Since it was built using feedback from our customer base, we know all aspects of its current and projected future development.
You control the timing and content of the updates. If you’re too busy, just call, email, fax or mail us the changes, we’ll get it done ASAP.

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Why AccuNet?


17 years in the Internet Business, dedicated to efficient - cost saving solutions.

Offering personal customer support – the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.

Experienced in multiple disciplines of web languages:

  • HTML & JavaScript
  • Database development with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Server-side scripting with VBscript & JavaScript
  • Flash animation and custom graphic design

Experienced in multiple avenues of search engine registration and optimization, including:

  • Content and meta-tag creation & optimization
  • Natural, free listings
  • Paid inclusion, paid placement and pay per click (PPC)

Commitment and Dedication counts

In the internet arena, there are many part-timers or students that offer web-page creation. (Not to mention the out-of-state or over-seas web firms which are looking for your business).

AccuNet Inc is committed to website creation full-time; it is our only business. Satisfied customers are our life blood.

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