Email Set Up Approval

  • AccuNet prefers to switch email providers after 5p EST or on weekends to cut down the possibility of email getting lost as ISP update their routing. Please submit your preferred date and time or calendar window for the move. We will confirm by email.
  • Once set up on Rackmail, your mailbox email is available at www.myrackmail.com. (It operates lilke gmail or yahoo email.) Here you can view the email at the server and send messages.

    Please confirm you will communicate the new webmail login information to your email users.
  • We need you to list every mailbox you want created and its password of 8 digits with upper/lower case and a number and/or special character.

    For example:
    julie@ Bestemployeeever$$
    paul@ LuckyJulieWorksHere!!
  • Aliases are used for two reasons.
    One, it is a forwarding email address that lands in someone else's mailbox; like a former employee being forwarded to the replacement person.
    Two, it is used to send to a group as one way communication.

    We need you to list any aliases you have or want to be created. For each alias we need a list of every email address that is tied to them.
  • All POP and IMAP email account user's server settings will change with moving to RackMail. Have your email users log into https://help.emailsrvr.com/ to get the proper server settings for their desktop or mobile device.

    You can call AccuNet to confirm which settings are correct for your situation. However, we do charge for our time if asked to help or troubleshoot mailbox set up or editing an existing one. We use remote screen sharing in order to see the mailbox user's email account screen.

    Since we can not see a phone's screen, we can not help with phone set up beyond supplying the server settings. Most phone stores will help with set up.
  • You understand that AccuNet does not charge to set up email at RackMail, but we do charge for our time in third part email app set up or migrating existing mailboxes to the service. While the migration should be < 30 minutes, it will jump to hours if we do not have a complete picture of how you are currently set up.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.