We Add
The Human Touch
To Your Website Development Project

AccuNet Offers Two Turnkey Website Services

Specialized Website Services

deliver the internet presence you need

Website Visitors Love:

features that make your website easy to navigate.

  • Hover pop-out Calendar
  • Intuitive Document Library
  • Form Creation for online communication
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Quick Push to FB/Twitter to share announcements
  • SSL Secure for user confidence
  • Search function that delivers relevant results

Website Editors Love:

features that make their job easier.

  • Real-person CMS training & ongoning support
  • See edits in real time with the front-end editor
  • Creatively design pages by using drag-n-drop modules
  • Calendar with recurring/cancel events ability
  • Simple document library upload
  • Unlimited folder creation in Image and document libraries
  • Easily add SEO titles & descriptions

Administrators Love:

features that keep your website safe, secure, and accessible.

  • Responsive platform is automatically mobile-friendly
  • Software updates and improvements are Included
  • Multiple firewalls + Anti-spam protection
  • Hourly backups and daily malware scans
  • Remote 3rd-party uptime monitoring
  • ADA accessibility review

Our Services

Civic clarity is developed specifically
for civic organizations such as
townships, counties, villages, cities,
DDAs etc. that have content
requirements yet want an inviting
website presence.

Clarity Cloud is developed to
offer the perfect balance
between flexibility, security,
function and design.

Providing Website Solutions Since 1996

We've been in the business of helping customers reach their target audience through their website for over two decades.

Headquartered in Michigan, our SaaS solution is found throughout North America.  The nature of our industry allows us to provide exceptional customer service even when we are not in your building.

Based on our 20+ year history, once a client, you will probably leave our service only once your business is retired.  Read our testimonials and read abour our service; you'll see why our clients are so loyal.

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Why Do We Focus On
the Human Factor?

During the past two decades AccuNet found our niche while keeping up with all the website development features
that are necessary for a top notch, professional website service.

What Does Keeping Up Mean?

  • Do we offer professional, custom graphic design? Yes.
  • Do we offer responsive website design services? Yes.
  • Do we offer an intuitive backend content management system for client editors? Yes.
  • Do we offer a mobile friendly version of your desktop website design? Yes.
  • Do we go further and offer the ability to edit your website for specific design or content for mobile vs desktop? Yes.
  • Do we offer an ADA Accessibility Review? Yes.
  • Do we offer a complete website solution that includes the website, hosting, maintenance, and security? Yes.
  • Do we offer redundancy in security for your safety? Yes.

What's Our Niche?

  • Do we personally train your website editors on how to edit your website? Yes.
  • Do we pick up the phone when you call with questions? Yes.
  • Do we answer emails within hours or a business day at the latest? Yes.
  • Do we offer project managers with over 2 decades of experience in organizing website content and editing existing content for optimal messaging to your target audience and search engines? Yes.
  • Do we offer a knowledge base help website with written instruction, images and some videos? Yes.

It is true, customer service is a significant point of difference.  If you have ever had a website before, you KNOW that quality, affordable customer service for your website is hard to
come by.  Many website redesign clients of ours came from an abusive relationship.  Once they are with us, they want to stay.

Step Three design details

AccuNet cares about each and every client and it shows in how we treat you.  Feel free to reach out to any of our clients and ask if we respond to their inquiries, look for solutions, and even reach out to them with ideas for bettering their website.  You see, after launch we continue to develop our Civic Clarity and Clarity Cloud services. When new included features are added we notify our clients with announcements within the website admin dashboard and a few email blasts throughout each year.  AccuNet communicates enough to keep you informed and not too much to feel like we are an unwanted guest in your inbox.