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Your Website Visitors Expect a Great Looking Site

They also expect it to be easy to navigate.

You expect

Clarity Cloud is More Than a Website

Easy to Edit

Make changes on the fly, without having to wait.

User Connected

Connect with your users, with mobile & social media.

Updates & Security

Malware scanning, updates, SSL and backups included.

Friendly Support

Experienced, Michigan-based staff is here to help.

It is an integrated internet marketing system, not just a website.  We design a custom website for you, host it, provide updates and security maintenance, and are just an email or phone call away when you have questions. 

BONUS - Clarity Cloud clients receive a 25% discount digital marketing services!

Features that come standard with Clarity Cloud

  • Unlimited Page Creation

    Create as many pages and posts as you need.  

  • Backend Maintenance

    Reliable hosting, nightly remote backups, and regular maintenance are included in our monthly service.

  • SEO by Page and Post

    Website editors can create browser titles and descriptions for any page and post throughout the website.

  • Basic Catalog/Portfolio Display

    Clients choose this feature when they want to showcase their products/services without a filter. The main list page that shows all items and each detail page shows a feature image, full description, excerpt, and image gallery.

  • Contact Us Form

    AccuNet offers a Contact Us form with honeypot validation to cut down on spam.

  • Multiple levels of Website Editors

    You have the option to allow multiple editors with two different levels of editing privileges. 

  • Analytics

    We embed Google Analytics and Search Console tools if desired as part of set up. You then have the ability to analyze and edit your website based on solid data.

  • Social Media Push

    By request, we will set up an area on your website where you can post articles and then push them to your preferred linked social media accounts

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your website is built on a responsive platform that is inherently mobile friendly. Just make this screen narrower to see what we mean!

  • SSL Secure

    Your website will have the https level of security. Based on the browser your viewer is using, they will see a secure symbol on all website pages.

  • Training

    Personal training utilizing a screen sharing service can occur once the graphic design is implemented into the service, or later when you decide you want to learn.

  • Calendar

    A beautiful calendar embedded into your site

  • In-Page Style Options

    You have over 100 modules for creative display of your content and images at your fingertips.  We train you how to edit the modules used at launch, and you can add others by dragging and dropping into a page on your own.

  • Search Bar

    A search bar can be added to a website at any time if you initially decide against it and then choose to add it at a later date.

  • Third Party Vendor Integration

    As Internet use evolves, new features are developed for the Clarity Cloud  service. Sometimes we see that a needed feature is already available through a third party, so we will offer it as an integration.

In-Page Design

Use the slider to drag left/right to see how in-page design changes your marketing message.

Our In-page design service gives your existing content
greater IMPACT.

Our Most Popular Add-On Features

Based on client requests, we review new features for inclusion into our standard or add-on Clarity Cloud feature list.  When a feature needs extra technical or customer support, or is more niche oriented we separate it into an add-on feature. 

Only if you need it, do you pay for it.


 People can sign up on your website to receive automatic emails from you when you post specific new content on your website.  This is helpful if you have clients or potential clients that want to be notified about new posts on a consistent basis.

Business Directory

Our directory offering allows you to showcase featured members, color code map icons, create customized categories, show Google maps, allow members to edit, and more.  

Job Applicant Database

Many of you want the ability to post internal job opportunities.  We have a database offering that will allow you to categorize jobs, give them expiration dates and track applicants.

By-page Editor

By-page Editors feature is used when an organization needs to have an editor have access limited to certain pages.

Filterable Categories

Perfect for websites that need a robust and configurable filter to help customers navigate product offerings.

Content Creation & Image Selection

Our staff can take your brochure, sales material or phone interview and create a sales or information oriented website with your target market in mind.

Impactful images are vital to a strong website appearance.  Sometimes you own the images in the correct resolution for your website, sometimes you don't.  We can research professional images or edit your owned images.

Online Form Development

One form, a contact form is included in our  standard Select Options service.  Need more?  We can create more forms for you, or give you the tools to create them yourself.  

Document Library

We offer a great solution for managing document presentation on your website.  It is simple to upload and organize your docs in the back end.  Even better, there are multiple options for presentation on the front end.

In-Page Design

In-page design starts where website graphics ends. It is used on key pages within your website where you really want to present a marketing message.

We offer dozens of in-page styling options to create your sales story including color bands, headings, page title images, in-page sliders, etc.  We help you create a
strong sales message by making your message pop.

Limited eCommerce

Limited?  Well, yes.  Our Clarity Cloud & Civic Clarity services uses PayPal to process online payments.  We will implement customized PayPal buttons.