Design Process

Information AccuNet Needs
to Start Your Website Design Project

Design Process Agreement

  • The main purpose of this form is to outline specific information AccuNet needs BEFORE we can schedule your website project start date. We have learned that all of this information needs to be decided in advance, or dreaded project creep occurs. Depending on the quantity of images being sent to AccuNet,we will discuss if email or a third party service such as DropBox is needed.

    As explained in our proposal, AccuNet has a 12 week ceiling for website launch. Once the start date of the project is agreed upon, we will launch the website within 12 weeks. If the site is not ready for any reason other than AccuNet delay, we will start your annual or monthly service fee.

    If the website editor we are working with for the launch is not the final decision maker regarding design and content, AccuNet needs the signature of this final authority to insure that all understand AccuNet's anniversary billing policy.

  • AccuNet normally uses the colors from the logo to help direct the colors of the website.
  • AccuNet tries to match or use fonts complimentary to your logo.
  • AccuNet needs to understand your requirements surrounding images. Some websites will only use images of local citizens or surroundings, while others will only use high resolution professional images. Please explain how you plan to acquire images for launch and moving forward for new content. NOTE: Smart phone images tend to only work for in-page content and not full width needs.

  • One of the most important aspects of the website design process centers on the organization of pages in your navigation. From this site map we decide on number of rows of navigation, where the logo resides in the header in relationship to the navigation, if you need a mega menu, and more.
  • Signing below signifies that you understand that AccuNet will start the design process AFTER all needed pre-design decisions have been made. Our proposed quote is based on your previous Scope of Project Survey responses and the ability of our designers to not have to edit your design due to incomplete information. To insure AccuNet understands your design vision, we will submit a written design plan for your approval based on our project manager's conversations with your assigned website editor before we start the design.

    We will edit the graphic design and content as needed throughout the project, but extra time needed due to changes in design direction are billed at our discounted Clarity service rate.

    Approval for 50% of quoted launch cost is requested before we begin the design of your website. The balance is due upon scheduled launch. The annual service fee is due at launch, or after 12 weeks from start of project, which ever comes first.

  • If the website editor is also the final authority, please sign twice.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.