Local SEO

The Form AccuNet Will Use Across the Internet

There are three sections to fill out.  AccuNet will review your answers and contact you with any questions.  We use your responses to create a consistent marketing message across the Internet.

Local SEO Profile Questionnaire

  • Organization Information

  • This will be the exact name for all Internet marketing. It will include or exclude parts of your name such as Inc. or LLC.
  • Normally the owner or head of appropriate department.
  • Give the birthdate of the person above. This is a security feature for some profiles and helps you access the account if you lose your login info. If you do not list, we will put 5/19/1965 as your birthdate.
  • Some account ask this information and is required. If you don not answer and the profile allows us to not answer, we will skip.
  • Address will be consistent everywhere. Make sure to pay attention to if you want S. vs South.
  • Include Month, and even day if known. For example:
    August, 1996
    August 7, 1996
  • List if you want multiple phone numbers for one location. Maybe 800# for main and local here?
  • This number will not be published unless it is your main phone number. Some profiles ask for a mobile number for security. We've made it required beccause one profile requires it.
  • Give AccuNet 2-3 options for passwords to cover all service’s potential requirements. If one is given, make it at least 8 characters with upper/lower case and a number or two.
  • List standard hours and seasonal hours if known.
  • We only list this information if asked.
  • Current Marketing Information

  • AccuNet will assume that you do not own a property unless you give us its login information. This includes, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yelp, etc.) If you have no properties, please type N/A so that we know you read this question.
  • We suggest an alias that can be assigned, like social@yourdomain Then, forward this email address to persons in charge of Internet marketing. This way the address never needs to be edited.
  • This address shows up in your public profiles throughout the Internet.

    It is fine if you use one email for all options. We are letting you know that you can set up different emails for different purposes.
  • Geographic service location: (give 4-6 cities/townships that outline your service area, a mile radius around your location, and/or define by zip codes if geo targeting more specifically.
  • For example, AccuNet Web Services URL is: https://www.accunet.us
  • Some companys have a tagline. Some profiles have a field to put this tagline for display. List yours if you have one.
  • If you provide a service or services, write out a 150 characater description. This is basically one sentence. Write N/A if no services to describe
  • If you sell products, write out a 150 characater description of what you sell. This is basically one sentence. Write N/A if no products to describe
  • This description might include your products, services, years in business, service area, or other pertinent information. AccuNet may need to edit to fit available space.
  • < 1,000 characters. Only a few Local SEO profiles will use this, but it adds a level of personalization that can be helpful, depending on your industry.
  • All 3rd party profiles have their own category options. To get as close as possible, list all category ideas you have and place in a priority list from most desirable to least at the bottom. AccuNet will try to list as many categories as allowed by a profile service.
  • Images Requested for Profiles

  • AccuNet Web Services requests that you send us the following images:

    1. Logo. If you have multiple layouts, send them to us
    2. Images of your place of business, inside and out
    3. Images of products or employees performing services if you want to help sell yourself over the competition.
  • Maximum 10 images. Use email or DropBox if you have more. Send to julie@accunet.us
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 512 MB, Max. files: 10.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.