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New Standard Features

Clarity Cloud has four new features to announce, each is available at no cost to install. These are very specific purpose features.  Since we want to keep your backend uncluttered with items you don’t plan to use we are asking that you request us to add them to your website.

  1. Timed Content Expiration
  2. Broken Link Checker
  3. Simple History
  4. Google Translate

Timed Content Expiration
We now offer the ability for website editors to add timed content for posts. When content expires, it is not deleted, but put on hold in Draft Status. The expiration ability can be added to other post-created areas of the website as needed.

Broken Link Checker
If you have a lot of links, especially linking to pages off your website, you’ll want to use this feature to make sure all your links are up to date.

Simple History – 60 Day Limit
As websites become more valuable to our customer’s marketing efforts, we have seen more requests to offer short term user editing history. The most common reason is to observe third party vendors work time and movement on the website.  Simple History will show, by login user name, all activity done within specified dates, up to 60 days in the past.

Google Translate
Google currently offers a free service to translate your website to many other languages.  We will add this icon to your website upon request.  Click on the icon in the top row of navigation at to see the translation bar appear.  Choose a language and see your content instantly change.

Please fill out this very quick form to formally request AccuNet to add any or all of the features added to your Civic Clarity website.