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Google GA4 Replaces Google Universal Analytics.  Does Fathom Replace Them Both?

Many clients set up Google Analytic accounts when they first published their website.  Some clients actively use the analytics data and others have forgotten they even had the data available to them.  As of July 1, 2023 Google stopped gathering data from their Universal Analytics and now only support their new, still free, analytics product called GA4.  GA4 has a new ID number that AccuNet must add to your backend if you want Google’s analytics to continue to capture data about your website.

Google has become quite robust and confusing over the years.  For this reason we no longer consider AccuNet experts with the Google product line.  However, we do have a user’s guide that can help you migrate your Universal Analytics account to the GA4 platform.  Let us know if you need this guide by emailing and requesting the 2-page guide.  Remember, if you have not given us your GA4 Measurement ID (starts with G-) then you are not currently capturing data.

We have another option for capturing analytic data for you to consider.  Clarity Cloud now offers a totally different analytics company, Fathom Analytics for $60/year. It isn’t free like Google’s GA4 and it reports less data.  This might be a good thing and it’s harder to get lost in the details.

Fathom Analytics lives in the back-end admin of your website and reports the following data for a time period of your choice.


  • Which pages were viewed
  • How many times that page was the entry to the website
  • The number of people on the website that saw that page
  • Total number of views of that page

What website sent the viewer to your website.  This can be a search engine, social media or website that links to you.

Device Types
Number or percentage of Desktop vs Phone

Number or percentage for each browser that was used to find your website.

Number of visitors from every country that visited your website