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What to do about SPAM from your website?

Digital SPAM, it gives the canned meat a bad name!  SPAM can not only be directly emailed to you, it can also come from your website’s contact form.  The form you provide for your customers and prospects can also be used by the “bad guys”.  While there are ways to stop automated “bots” using your form to spam you, there is no effective way to tell bad human intent from good human intent.  So that means you are likely to eventually find a SPAM message in your inbox, that originated from your website.

WHAT TO DO:  First, confirm the message came from your website.  It will likely have a subject line similar to “Message from your website” or “Contact Form Submission”. Your exact subject line will vary.  If it is from your website, and you deem it to be spammy, then simply DELETE IT.

WHAT TO NEVER, EVER DO:   Under no circumstances should you mark the message as SPAM or JUNK, or move the message to your spam or junk email folders.  If you do any of these things, you are reporting your website as the spammer, not the annoying person who filled out the form.  An eventual result of marking your website as a spammer is that you will no longer receive email notifications from your customers or prospects.

If you think you may have marked any of your form submissions as spam, don’t worry, just give us a call or send us a message and we’ll look into it.  If we find a problem, we’ll make sure to set things straight and get your form notifications coming into your inbox again!

-AccuNet Web Services